Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Perfect Yummy Mummy Dress- Tiffany Amber Lily Dress

As worn by stick thin Models
Every Yummy Mum needs a "PERFECT" goto dress, her very own version of a "Freakum Dress". A dress that just works, makes you look stylish and doesn't ask that much of you, you know how some dresses ask you when last did you go the gym? The Perfect Yummy Mummy dress is easy on you, it can be dressed up or down, and dosent care what size you are at the moment.This is especially important if you are still in that yum mum zone, where your weight is fluctuating.

As Worn By Yummy Mummy Elohor Aisien
I have always been a Tiffany Amber Fan but her prices have always ensured there was a respectable distance between how often I purchased from her store. Fast forward to four months into Mummy hood with a wedding to attend and nothing to wear. I purchased a lovely emerald version of the lily dress, which fitted like a glove. I felt (and looked) absolutely stunning. I accessorized the dress with a pair of emerald and diamond earrings a gift from NollyDad and danced all night (ok till 10.30pm).

As worn by Yum Mums ( L-R) ,Omoyemi Akerele, Ifeoma Williams and Tara Fela-Durotoye
The lily dress comes in one size and in different colours. The silk is very forgiving and the wrap style means that you can show off your best bits. It is the perfect Yummy Mummy return to the real world dress and it just about suits everyone.

Available at Tiffany Amber ( N50,000- 60,000) and can also get the look for less at RiverIsland- Riri Collection (available for 70 GBP N15,000-17,000)


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hello Baby, How is it Hanging?

I did a post recently on my favorite starter things and here is one thing that is unlikely to make my baby gift list but certainly did make me smile! Two sisters have come with a solution that apparently solves the problem of where to put your baby if you need to go the bathroom - You just HANG the baby unto the stall.. thats right you hang the baby, same way you would do your bag. see photo example below.

See where you can buy it after the cut!

Monday, 20 May 2013

NollyMum ThOts on Baby Food

I love cooking but I dont do as much of it as I would like. I am still learning to strike the perfect balance of work, babytime, playtime etc. When I started weaning babynista I made a conscious decision to make all his food myself at home so I did not buy any baby jar food. I enjoy cooking  plus I am a huge fan of natural/ organic where possible. We are so blessed in Nigeria with fresh ingredients that are all 100% organic and cheap so with with a little effort and planning you can make the best recipes for your baby. The advantages are so many, First of all its cheaper than buying all that canned baby stuff, its free from additives, coloring, salt, sugar etc which sends most kids on a sugar high! and I have a handle on just want is in his food and subsequently in his little tummy. His current favorites are avocado and egg for lunch and for a sweet treat mango puree. Recipes coming up shortly!

Home made Mango Puree
You can read more here about baby jar food.

What do you feed your little one?

NollyMum xxx

"Baby Food Jar" © Iwka | Agency: found here

Sleepy Time

Whenever I meet mums with young children, we always end up talking about the the big S. SLEEP. How much sleep are you getting? How long does you baby nap? How many times does your baby wake up etc. BabyN for the most part is a good sleeper, he sleeps on average 10-12 hrs sleep at night and has one or two naps during the day. He has kept the same sleep pattern since he was 3 months. I am very thankful, as I love to sleep too.

I never tried the Ferber method or Gina Ford. Luckily I also didn't have to let him cry it out, as I probably would not have had been disciplined enough to follow through with it for more than 10 seconds. The only thing I did was establish a bed/bath time routine early on.
  • Here are some highlights on our bed/bath time routine
    • Same Bath Time every night, starts at 7.30pm (this is flexible but always between 7-8pm)
    • Switch to Nights Lights after bath time
    • Dinner (Milk Milk Milk)
    • Sleep time
    • No TV after bath time
    • No visitors/ Playing after bath times
    • He sleeps in his own crib/moses basket
On Co-Sleeping-many mums I speak to seem to all co sleep with their babies. I love the idea of this, but in practice it did not work for me or babyN. I didn't get enough sleep and he didn't seem to sleep all that great either. And from my very own non independent study, all the co-sleeping mums where getting less sleep too.

The only thing I would like to do is read BabyN to sleep.. its on my to do list ;-). If anyone has any practical ideas on how to work this into my routine, do let me know.

How does your little one sleep? Do you have any tips on getting more sleep?

Have a great week.

HBO aka Nollymum

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Yummy Mummy Files:OLUCHI

Oluchi Orlandi in Tiffany Amber

I was reading an interesting blog on Metropolitan Mum on "wanting to be a yummy mummy" it features a picture of Gywneth Paltrow, who in my opinion is the ultimate Yummy Mummy. She manages to have a great career as an actress, a hot bod, two gorgeous kids, and (what appears to be) a strong marriage, not to mention she is BFFS with Beyonce.

I dont know where the term Yummy Mummy comes from but in Metropolitan Mums blog she mentions having access to nannys, housemaids and chefs (insert Cook here). The good news is that we Nigerian Mums half qualify by virtue of staff ;-). Regardless of a commonly agreed definition,you know a Nolly Yummy Mummy when you see one.

Today its @oluchi, she is a supermodel , globetrotter and adorable mum of two little boys.

NollyMum salutes you!

Photos from Oluchi1 Instagram

Sunday, 12 May 2013

NollyMum LOVES: 3 Starter Things

One of the best things (or not so great things according to NollyDad) about having a little one is all the damage you can do at the shops. All my friends managed to overshop and even though I scoffed silently at their shopping habits, I was not any different. A large percentage of the things you buy will end up unused but there will be some things that will be surprise hits with your little one and you will find super handy.

Here is my starter list of 3 things we love!

1) The BUMBO- We have this in aqua- It is great from 3- 4 months onwards when your baby starts to sit up. I used this as our starter feeding chair and it served us well. Be careful not to leave your little bambino unattended in this especially if you have the version without the restraints. There have been some reported cases of babies falling from the chair while unsupervised. Available at Amazon

2) M&P MUSICAL COT MOBILE-  Surprise HIT, Nollybaby absolutely loves this, it keeps him entertained and helps soothe him to sleep. It does not cost a lot and for all the joy and sweet music it brings it was totally worth it! Its still in use today, and its the only thing that keeps him entertained in his cot when his awake. I got mine from Mamas & Papas available at Amazon but you can pick this up in any baby shop.

3) COSATTO EASY PEASI CHANGING UNIT - I bought this just before my son was born as it was recommended by a friend. I cannot rave about this product enough, It combines a concealed baby bath and a change unit, as well as bags of storage space. It revolutionizes baby bath time, none of that old school bending down to bath business, its super handy and great for your back. I still use mine, 7 months on, though I am probably pushing it now as my son is huge now but thats just how much I love it. Definitely money well spent.
Available at Amazon 

I will do a follow up post about the other things we love and maybe one of the things we could have done without. I would love to hear from you. Do you have any of these products ? and what are your favorite starter baby loves?


Sunday, 5 May 2013


I am a huge Beyonce fan and of course love baby Blue Ivy as well. Check out recent pictures of B.I.C at fifteen months having lunch with her parents at Septime in Paris. I love Paris and I cant wait to take my babynista to the city of lights as well.

Blue Ivy is rocking a Pump The Volume Tshirt, blue jeans and adidas trainers with a full head of hair. They have recently gotten a lot of flack from the public on Blue's Fro, my babynista has a full head of hair and so I know whats its like to keep that mane in control -I usually keep it conditioned and combed up but I cant say am anal about it!

What do you think, should BICs hair be all plaited up or ponytailed up?

I love it just the way it is! Whats not to love.

Super Cute


Thursday, 2 May 2013


So three things you need to know about me. First of all, Seven months ago, I became a Mum and I totally love it. Secondly, I live in Lagos, Nigeria and Finally I STILL love fashion, cooking, design, going out and and well looking good. This blog combines the best of all those things  as well as baby fashion & product reviews, pregnancy tips and stories, celebrity yummy mums and babies, naija mum & baby traditions, baby recipes and whatever is fashionable for both mum and baby.

If you are a young mum or mum to be that lives in Nigeria but has a global outlook and appreciates the balance of being a mummy and holding on to your swag.This blog is for you!

Welcome to NollyMum.