Sunday, 5 May 2013


I am a huge Beyonce fan and of course love baby Blue Ivy as well. Check out recent pictures of B.I.C at fifteen months having lunch with her parents at Septime in Paris. I love Paris and I cant wait to take my babynista to the city of lights as well.

Blue Ivy is rocking a Pump The Volume Tshirt, blue jeans and adidas trainers with a full head of hair. They have recently gotten a lot of flack from the public on Blue's Fro, my babynista has a full head of hair and so I know whats its like to keep that mane in control -I usually keep it conditioned and combed up but I cant say am anal about it!

What do you think, should BICs hair be all plaited up or ponytailed up?

I love it just the way it is! Whats not to love.

Super Cute


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