Monday, 20 May 2013

Sleepy Time

Whenever I meet mums with young children, we always end up talking about the the big S. SLEEP. How much sleep are you getting? How long does you baby nap? How many times does your baby wake up etc. BabyN for the most part is a good sleeper, he sleeps on average 10-12 hrs sleep at night and has one or two naps during the day. He has kept the same sleep pattern since he was 3 months. I am very thankful, as I love to sleep too.

I never tried the Ferber method or Gina Ford. Luckily I also didn't have to let him cry it out, as I probably would not have had been disciplined enough to follow through with it for more than 10 seconds. The only thing I did was establish a bed/bath time routine early on.
  • Here are some highlights on our bed/bath time routine
    • Same Bath Time every night, starts at 7.30pm (this is flexible but always between 7-8pm)
    • Switch to Nights Lights after bath time
    • Dinner (Milk Milk Milk)
    • Sleep time
    • No TV after bath time
    • No visitors/ Playing after bath times
    • He sleeps in his own crib/moses basket
On Co-Sleeping-many mums I speak to seem to all co sleep with their babies. I love the idea of this, but in practice it did not work for me or babyN. I didn't get enough sleep and he didn't seem to sleep all that great either. And from my very own non independent study, all the co-sleeping mums where getting less sleep too.

The only thing I would like to do is read BabyN to sleep.. its on my to do list ;-). If anyone has any practical ideas on how to work this into my routine, do let me know.

How does your little one sleep? Do you have any tips on getting more sleep?

Have a great week.

HBO aka Nollymum

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