Sunday, 12 May 2013

NollyMum LOVES: 3 Starter Things

One of the best things (or not so great things according to NollyDad) about having a little one is all the damage you can do at the shops. All my friends managed to overshop and even though I scoffed silently at their shopping habits, I was not any different. A large percentage of the things you buy will end up unused but there will be some things that will be surprise hits with your little one and you will find super handy.

Here is my starter list of 3 things we love!

1) The BUMBO- We have this in aqua- It is great from 3- 4 months onwards when your baby starts to sit up. I used this as our starter feeding chair and it served us well. Be careful not to leave your little bambino unattended in this especially if you have the version without the restraints. There have been some reported cases of babies falling from the chair while unsupervised. Available at Amazon

2) M&P MUSICAL COT MOBILE-  Surprise HIT, Nollybaby absolutely loves this, it keeps him entertained and helps soothe him to sleep. It does not cost a lot and for all the joy and sweet music it brings it was totally worth it! Its still in use today, and its the only thing that keeps him entertained in his cot when his awake. I got mine from Mamas & Papas available at Amazon but you can pick this up in any baby shop.

3) COSATTO EASY PEASI CHANGING UNIT - I bought this just before my son was born as it was recommended by a friend. I cannot rave about this product enough, It combines a concealed baby bath and a change unit, as well as bags of storage space. It revolutionizes baby bath time, none of that old school bending down to bath business, its super handy and great for your back. I still use mine, 7 months on, though I am probably pushing it now as my son is huge now but thats just how much I love it. Definitely money well spent.
Available at Amazon 

I will do a follow up post about the other things we love and maybe one of the things we could have done without. I would love to hear from you. Do you have any of these products ? and what are your favorite starter baby loves?


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