Monday, 20 May 2013

NollyMum ThOts on Baby Food

I love cooking but I dont do as much of it as I would like. I am still learning to strike the perfect balance of work, babytime, playtime etc. When I started weaning babynista I made a conscious decision to make all his food myself at home so I did not buy any baby jar food. I enjoy cooking  plus I am a huge fan of natural/ organic where possible. We are so blessed in Nigeria with fresh ingredients that are all 100% organic and cheap so with with a little effort and planning you can make the best recipes for your baby. The advantages are so many, First of all its cheaper than buying all that canned baby stuff, its free from additives, coloring, salt, sugar etc which sends most kids on a sugar high! and I have a handle on just want is in his food and subsequently in his little tummy. His current favorites are avocado and egg for lunch and for a sweet treat mango puree. Recipes coming up shortly!

Home made Mango Puree
You can read more here about baby jar food.

What do you feed your little one?

NollyMum xxx

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